Never lose track with automated reconciliation

Reduce overhead with automated reconciliation and receivables management.

Simplify your reconciliation

Reduce manual effort

Automatically match transactions and run reconciliation with minimal FTE involvement.

Automate reporting

Streamline your reporting process and save time by never losing track of the transaction lifecycle.

Track seamlessly

Track pay-ins and update into your ERP seamlessly. Make sure they match the invoice and settle appropriately.

Reduce error potential

Achieve greater accuracy and reduce potential human errors by running a completely automated process.

Auto-match transactions

Drill down into a transaction and never lose track of its lifecycle. Automatically match invoices and pay-ins to reconcile and settle funds to your or your partners accounts.

Reconciliation on item by item level across lifecycle

Full disclosure of all fees and splits at all stages

Segmental data breakdown

Analyze issues properly  

Instantly react when something doesn't go right. Get insights and hints for potential errors to facilitate intervention and speed up finding a solution.

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