The ultimate payments & operations solution for

B2B Marketplaces


SaaS Platforms

Everything you and your merchants need to operate payments at any scale. Accept payments, automate complex money flows, leverage end-to-end reconciliation.
Tailor-made for B2B, developed for finance and operations teams.

B2C-like experience,
built for B2B payments

Explore our Checkout

Take full control over your entire payment journey without regulatory complexity. Define the checkout process for their customers and even digitalize offline methods like invoices.

All the payment methods you need

Expand into new markets, reach more customers or adjust for local preferences with a variety of B2B-relevant payment methods.

Offer flexible payment goals

Provide buyers with flexible payment goals and allow them to pay their bills later with their preferred payment method.

Your buyers can pay later,
while you get paid instantly

No matter what your buyers choose, you and your sellers get the money instantly. With embedded finance at checkout, seamlessly and automated risk checks.

Put payments on automation and speed up quote-to-cash time

Put payment, reconciliation and payout on autopilot. Create multiple and diverse money flows to solve most difficult edge cases, even for offline payments, with just a few clicks.

Faster cash-to-quote

Integrate in days,
not months

Start in days
With our low-code solution you can focus on maximizing revenue rather than building complex integrations.



Own the experience, don't build it
A fully white-labelled and customizable solution so you can craft the perfect experience for your merchants and customers.

Easily switch from your existing provider
getpaid helps you to migrate merchants from your existing payment providers with minimal effort.


Handling payments doesn’t need to be a costly and lengthy exercise. Integrate within a few days, onboard your merchants, accept payments and issue payouts.