AI-Driven Quote to Cash Solutions for the modern CFO

Seamless, comprehensive AR solution that streamlines your invoicing, payment, cash application, and collections - all while giving you unmatched cash flow data depth.

Measurable results which make your CEO happy

Less cost in finance teams


Fewer manual processes mean less involvement from FTEs and less costs for you to keep your operations running.

Speed up cash flow


reduction in days to collection. Speed up your quote-to-cash time, achieve less missed payins, DSOs and cashflow problems.

Better customer experience


less time spent on managing accounts receivables. Meaning, more time for you to focus on customers.

Everything you need for an automated order-to-cash process

Put your order-to-cash process on automation. Everything you need to save hours of manual effort, reduce costs and DSO.


Create invoices automatically

Create invoices to your buyers. Configure rules, lower costs and reduce tedious back-and-forth processes with customers

ERP Integrated: Integrates seamlessy with your ERP

Personalized: Customizable invoicing experiences

Flexible: Multiple payment methods and goals

Distribute effortlessly  

Deliver invoices to your buyers using a world-class omni-channel invoicing system: 

EU-Invoicing Ready: Compliant with EU legislative  

Omni-Channel Support: Use E-mail, white-labeled customer portals, payment links or deliver directly to an accounts payable (AP) portal 

Automated Collection

Automate AR operations

Create a collection process that scales by enabling your team to automate smaller, tedious and time-consuming tasks so that they can focus on what they do best: Solving customer issues.

Speed up collection, free up FTEs

Automate tedious processes like discount management, sending out payment reminders, getting payment data from your buyers, actions for wrong transactions or simply the communication with buyers.  

Faster cash-to-quote
less time managing AR
B2B Payments

Accept payments from any sales channel

No matter if traditional methods like invoice and waiting for the bank transfer or embedded solutions, configure the right experience for the right channel.

Let customers pay how they want

Decide with which payment methods and with which payment goals business buyers can pay their bills.

Offer various payment methods

Customize flexible payment goals for buyers  


Zero-Touch Processing

Gone are the days managing incoming payments with manual checks. Automate every aspect by using AI for matching payments.  

Automatching of incoming payments

Use AI to identify customer payments and match them to the respective invoice. Works even for partially or wrongly paid invoices.

Accuracy Rate

Unmatched data depth

Gain a deeper understanding of the entire purchasing relationship. Analyze your customers and find out who pays most reliably or what influence their payment behavior has on your cash flow.

Integrates with your ERP: One hub for all your data

Smart Analytics: Efficiency and cash flow KPIs like DSO, days-to-cash and cash forecasting for an optimal collection process

Smart Insights and AI Assistants

Leverage AI Assistants and get solution propositions from AI based agents as well as daily updates with to-do’s. Or define auto - adjustments in cases of short payments or wrong references.


Flexible finance for your buyers

Provide digital financing solutions directly at checkout to increase customer conversion. No paperwork, no friction - all managed digitally.

Instant liquidity for you

Instead of bridging flexible payment goals with your own capital, ensure getting paid directly after checkout and find new ways to leverage your cash flow.

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