Empower financial teams with Accounts Receivable Automation

Everything you need to manage order-to-cash processes. Automate accounts receivable, reduce errors and manual workflows - all while getting paid faster.

Direct impact for your financial team


less time managing AR

Reduce FTE involvement, automate manual tasks and focus on solving issues from delinquent customers.


days to collection

Speed up your quote-to-cash time, achieve less missed payments, and reduce DSO and cashflow problems.


decrease in late payments

Use automation tools like reminders to incentivize payment on time while enhancing buyer experience and convenience.


less costs in finance teams

Less FTE involvement and more efficiency means also less costs for you to keep your operations running.

Create better invoicing experiences  

Create and deliver invoices to your buyers via multiple channels. Configure rules, lower costs and achieve faster payments - even for the most complex invoice types.

ERP Integrated: Pull automatically data from your ERP to create your invoices 

Design: Customize invoices according to your needs. Add payment methods, goals, links and much more

Collaborate: Define different approval processes for your team before sending out invoices

Distribute: Send invoices by email, to a customer portal, with a link or post them directly to an accounts payable (AP) portal - all while being compliant to upcoming EU E-Invoicing rules

Manage collection with just a few clicks

Create a collection process that scales by enabling your team to automate smaller, tedious and time-consuming tasks so that they can focus on what they do best: Solving customer issues.

Zero Touch Collection: Automate manual tasks like sending reminders so your staff can focus on more valuable work

Real-Time Communication: Send mails, make calls and make notes directly from the software

Unmatched Control: Set up different collection rules for different buyers to maximize payment success  

Automatically match payment to invoice with AI

Use AI powered solutions to automatically match incoming payments with respective invoices to drastically reduce manual work and error potentials.

Zero-Touch Processing: Gone are the days managing incoming payments with manual processes.

Automatching: Use AI to identify customer payments and match them to the respective invoice.

Accuracy Rate

Benefit from unmatched data depth and support for your daily operations

Gain a deeper understanding across your entire customer buying relationship to enable better reporting and analysis of your top, most relient or bottom, most deliquent customers.  

Efficiency Ratings: Important metrics like days-to-cash and cash forecasting for an optimal collection process

Revenue Analytics: Key performance metrics like ARR/MRR  broken down per customer

Smart Insights: Get solution propositions and daily updates with to-do's from AI based agents

Documents: Solve customer issues more efficiently by directly accessing customer documents  

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