Control money movement
with just a few clicks

Put payout on autopilot. Create multiple and diverse money flows to solve most difficult edge cases with just a few clicks.

No more workarounds for moving money from A to B

Reduce manual effort

Reduce FTE involvement and workarounds to solve complex money flows and work easily with multi-layer hierarchies.

Improve money flow

Speed up your quote-to-cash time, achieve less missed payins, days sales outstanding and cashflow problems.

Increase efficiency

Create as many money flows as needed and use automation to put collection, settlement and payout on autopilot.

Reduce costs

Less FTE involvement and more efficiency means also less costs for you to keep your payment operations running.

Create your own money flow

Every business is unique in its setting and how money flows to its different participants. With getpaid you can customize money flows to your business needs and solve the most difficult edge cases with just a few clicks.

Full control over number of different payment methods

Specify number of involved entities

Create different fee models

Set payout frequency to involved entities

Use different money flows for different use cases

Run various money flows for all kinds if use cases. Get inspired by preconfigured and most commonly used money flows. Adapt and edit these flows according to your needs to quickly start with your payment operations.

The ultimate payout solution

Split payouts

Define an infinite number of multi-party payout splits and their destination.

Settle locally

Settle your merchants or suppliers where they are located and in their local currency.

Control FX

Choose preferred currencies when settling funds with suppliers or merchants.

Trace SKUs

Link payouts to exact product sold and never lose transactions in baskets.

Use various channels

No matter if its bank accounts, cards, wallets or VBANs, payout to your preferred channels.

Manage treasury

Create multi-currency accounts to manage balances and transfer seamlessly in between.

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