Supercharge your revenue growth with payments

Earn revenue for each payment. Build sophisticated pricing models based on
merchant segments, payment methods, regions and more.

Unlock new revenue streams

Increase profitability

Add high margin payments revenue to boost your business profitability by charging for each transaction.

Increase TAM

Increase total addressable market size by monetizing payment transactions thereby increasing your valuation potential.

Incentivize more efficiently

Gain flexibility and more independence from your main business by adding a new revenue line to your business model.

Stay ahead of competition

Stay ahead of competition by achieving greater profitability or compete with a better price offering.

Configure pricing plans for merchants and suppliers

Gain full flexibility when it comes to pricing structures for your merchants. Configure plans with unmatched granularity and make sure you find the right incentives for you and your partners.

Configure buy-sell rate to calculate your payments' profitability

Use flexible commission options like percentage-based, fixed pricing or even tiered and mixed models

Define pricing on dimensions such as merchants, payment methods, etc.

Decide how processing fees are allocated

Create individual rules for all kinds of situations

Create different pricing plans for different payment methods. Or for different involved parties. Even segment after variables like merchant size or transaction size to steer accurately.

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