Flexible finance for your buyers. Instant liquidity for you.

Grant buyers financial flexibility and more buying power by providing digital working capital solutions directly at checkout - fully automated.

Hassle-free working capital

Increase conversion

Provide digital financing solutions directly at checkout to increase customer conversion.

Maximize liquidity

Stop bridging flexible payment goals with your own capital by ensuring you get paid directly after checkout.

Reduce credit risk

Put credit and solvency checks on automation and achieve a greater accuracy when scoring buyers.

Increase basket size

Achieve greater basket sizes by providing financing solutions which increase buying power of your customers.

Offer flexible payment goals at checkout

Provide your customers with beneficial billing terms that allow them to postpone payments for your or your sellers' goods for a specified amount of time.

Flexible payment goals

Flexible payment methods

Automated risk and credit scoring of your buyers

Your buyers can pay later

Let your buyers choose between various payment goals or even specify the terms on your own.

While you get paid instantly

No matter what your buyers choose, you and your sellers get paid instantly so you don't have to use your own liquidity.

Go beyond industry standards and even
finance your buyers

Provide lending for your merchants. Without any paperwork. Completely digital with in-built risk handling.

Automated risk and credit scoring of your buyers

Increase buying power of customers

Facilitate growth for merchants

Lets get in contact and talk about how payments can supercharge your revenue growth.
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