Real time analytics hub with built-in intelligence

Get insights into your daily payment operations and uncover ways for optimization.

Make informed decisions

Take control to next level

Use pre-configured dashboards or built your own to oversee your payment operations, analyze merchant performance and much more.

Unmatched data depth

Get an unmatched and in-depth breakdown of your payment data down to level 2 and 3. Analyze different regions, methods, segments and much more.

Reduce risk exposure

Gain insights into merchant underwriting and transaction risk. Use automated screening, pop-ups and insights to never lose track of your current risk profile.

Connect 3rd parties

Export payments data to third-party systems or import from external systems or other payment providers to utilize the intelligence functions.

Analyze performance and find ways for optimization

Bring your payment analytics to the next level, whether visualized in our portal or accessed directly via API. Identify opportunities to improve your payment or merchant performance.

Payment method analytics

Merchant analytics

Live feed for most recent actions

Set payout frequency to involved entities

Cut data to your needs

Slice and dice the data you want to see and analyze. Create different templates for a diverse set of roles. Use different chart dimensions, filters and values to create your own analytics home.

Get insights for improvement

Get your most recent to-do's pushed right into your dashboard. Never loose track of your most important payment jobs and react instantly to urgent tasks.

Leverage AI for daily operations

Use artificial intelligence to go beyond usual analysis. Ask questions about important topics and get solution propositions in order to react in a proper way.

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