Full-stack payments capabilities for online and offline B2B transactions

Offer a first class B2B checkout experience for your buyers, built and optimized from the ground for business transactions.

Seamless B2B payments

Any payments, any way

Increase customer retention and conversion by creating seamless payment experiences that fit your branding.

Automate payment ops

Receive invoices and automate settlement with powerful direct debits, SCT and direct transfers.

Offer to pay later

Decide with which payment methods and with which payment goals business buyers can pay their bills.

Cater for your preferences

Use multiple local acquiring partners for optimal routing and processing and easily take you and your merchants global.

Create your own B2B checkout with a few clicks

Create seamless payment experiences for all kinds of situations. Use different methods or interfaces and boost customer conversion with your preferred branding.

Customizable UI components

Range of different payment interfaces

Range of different payment methods

Automatic error-handling

Masking and styling

Offer to pay now

Profit from the most commonly used payment methods in B2B transactions and offer them in your checkout.

Direct Bank Transfer

Or to pay later

Decide with which payment methods and with which payment goals business buyers can pay their bills.

Suitable for credit, debit and bank transfer

Automatic risk checks

Real-time status feedback

But don't wait for the money, we pay out instantly

No matter what your buyers choose, you and your sellers get the money instantly. With digital financing solutions at checkout, seamless and automated risk checks.

Made for business buyers

Decide how to pay

Decide which payment methods are supported

And when to pay

Specify at what terms business buyers can buy

Automate off-platform payments

Capture offline and off-platform payments like invoices by offering digital solutions and thereby facilitate reconciliation and increase quote-to-cash time.

Generate invoices and let buyers pay with direct transfer, direct debit, credit card or BNPL

Customize the invoices your customers receive with your own or the sellers brand colors and logo

Expand globally with lightspeed

No matter if you do your business globally or locally, getpaid makes accepting payments truly borderless. Implement local preferences for optimal user adoption or go global to facilitate international transactions.

Support for multiple processing and settlement currencies

Multiple local acquiring partners for optimal routing and processing of payments

Multiple buy-now-pay-later and net terms solutions

Steer risk, payment method selection or country-specific fee’s

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