Payments for Platforms & Marketplaces

Get paid and
grow revenue

Unlock up to 80% more revenue by running payments as a business unit. getpaid empowers platforms by giving you control over the entire payments experience. All within a few days.

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Your payments,
your way.

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Take full control over your entire payment journey without regulatory complexity. Onboard and manage your merchants, define the checkout process for their customers and set your payout criteria.

Earn revenue on every payment

Evolve payments from an operational cost center into a revenue generator. Receive commission on every payment to increase both your revenue and valuation.

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Unlock new revenue streams

See how much additional revenue you can unlock based on your payments volume

Everything taken care of, from onboarding to settlement - but you decide the rules

Easily create your own onboarding flow, access data with unmatched level of granularity and get actionable insights on merchants behavior.

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Business is your expertise. Payments is ours.

Whether you are a software company, a marketplace or an invoicing platform, you can deploy embedded payments capabilities within your platform with confidence.

Integrate in days,
not months

Start in days
With our low-code solution you can focus on maximising revenue rather than building complex integrations.



Own the experience, don't build it
A fully white-labelled and customizable solution so you can craft the perfect experience for your merchants and customers.

Easily switch from your existing provider
getpaid helps you to migrate merchants from your existing payment providers with minimal effort.


Payments doesn’t need to be a costly and lengthy exercise. Integrate within a few days, onboard your merchants, accept payments and issue payouts.

Built-in Compliance

Stay ahead of evolving regulation. getpaid helps platforms to manage the complex regulatory environment from behind the scenes. While you can focus on building your ideal risk strategy.

PCI Compliance

Securely tokenize cards and process transactions. Store and encrypt your customers’ payment information without the burden of PCI compliance.

Merchant Identity Verification

Complete Know-Your-Customer and Business(KYC/KYB), Anti-Money Laundering (AML), politically exposed persons (PEP) and sanctions checks for businesses and individuals.

Biometric Identification

Verify identities of all relevant individuals and stakeholders from a business across the world.

Transaction Monitoring

Reduce chargebacks or fraudulent transactions by using automated risk scoring and data to identify high-risk activity.

3D Secure

Protect your platform from fraud using 3D Secure to provide an additional layer of account authentication.

Customer Data Management

Data on getpaid’s platform is managed under GDPR and strict regulatory requirements.