Grow your business with payments

Take your payment operations to the next level. Onboard merchants, reconcile transactions and expand to new markets with just a few clicks.

Onboard merchants in minutes

getpaid provides optimized, embedded UIs to seamlessly onboard your merchants while minimizing your compliance and operational overheads.


The onboarding flow can be customized with your branding to give your merchants a consistent
end-to-end experience


Use the latest KYC/KYB technology and staggered data collection to enable your merchants to accept payments as quickly as possible

Real Time Status

Get real-time updates throughout the merchant application lifecycle and thereby help merchants to go through compliance processes seamlessly

Take full control

From overview to in depth: All you need to manage your merchants for success in one place. Configure every step of their payments flow.

Individual payment method configurations for merchants

Customizable risk levels for merchants or per transaction size

Flexible payout scheduling with individual configurations

Tools for automatic management of disputes and chargebacks

Easily take your merchants global

View cross-country potential

Analyze merchant expansion potential in new regions

Extend markets with 1 click

Take your merchants quickly in another region with just 1 click.

Set specific rules per country

Steer risk exposure, payment method selection or country-specific fee’s

Utilize automatic risk tools

Leverage built-in underwriting processes, transaction monitoring and risk scores to build your ideal risk strategy providing the right balance between prevention and success rates for your business

Risk Scoring & Transaction Monitoring

Build risk profiles using different segments and criteria and mix and match properties to create risk rules suited to your business requirements

Underwriting & Identification

Take informed onboarding decisions with automated risk scoring, digital identification solutions and built-in monitoring on relevant merchant changes.

Simplify reconciliation

Reconciliation on an item by item level across lifecycle

Full disclosure off all fees and splits

Segmental data breakdown

Full disclosure of level 2 and level 3 data

Make informed decisions

Detailed data breakdowns

Payment split per region, method, sub-merchants and much more


Facilitate operations through accurate reconciliation

risk reporting

Gain insights into underwriting and transaction risk

Accurate tracking of transactions

Track flow of funds down to a single transaction

Support for exports

Export or connect data to third-party systems


Understand payment channel performance

Payment method analytics

Test payment method effectiveness

Merchant analytics

Analyze merchant performance

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